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September 23 was an all-around great day. I had been waiting for this day for more than a month… Why? That was the day I attended a photography workshop by Amelia Lyon. Together with her husband, Justin, they make an awesome team in the wedding photography community. They’ve been photographers that I’ve admired for quite a while. I noticed earlier this summer that they were going to have their sixth workshop, called LYON-SHOP in the Los Angeles area. The Viceroy was going to be the location but they were all booked up. So Amelia hosted the LYON-SHOP at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills! That place was very eclectic and unique.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

We  had two photo shoots. The first one was on posing and interacting with clients.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

The rooftop pool was amazing.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

Amelia does anything for the shot... even if it means getting on the ground.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

Since I do the same, I had to join her to capture the moment!

I’m a shooter of everything, so I had to get a unique group shot. The only warning I gave everyone was “guys, look up!”

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

The second shoot involved off-camera flash. I shot this at a very high ISO so you could see the colors. The shot doesn’t do justice to the one Amelia got, but at least I captured the moment.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills" "first dance" "off camera flash"

Our models and the first dance with off-camera flash.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills" "off camera flash"

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

LYON-SHOP 6 group shot.

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills"

Me and my new friends.

Storytime… For dinner following the conclusion of LYON-SHOP we ate at P.F. Chang’s (which I hadn’t been to in years). Everything was yummy and there were lots of great conversations – about what some of the attendees that traveled from afar were going to do with the rest of their time in LA, while some of us discussed our all-time favorite movies. As the clock stroke “late” o’clock, everyone was saying their goodbyes. I needed to go to the restroom so I excused myself. I didn’t rush, but I wanted to get back out there to say bye to everyone and tell them that I had a lot of fun. I washed my hands and even wiped them on my pants to make sure they were dry for handshakes and hugs. I left the restroom and looked at my hands. I realized I was missing my wedding band. I went back and forth from the restroom and our dining area about four times looking all over the ground. If any of the attendees were wondering why I might have been ignoring you… I wasn’t. I just had to find my ring. Knowing what I was about to do, I went to Amelia and Justin to say thanks for everything and that I learned a lot and hopefully I could assist them in the future.

Now I was the only person left from the group so I told our server about the situation so he got me some gloves and I basically checked EVERY paper towel in three trash cans (while holding two bags – one with my laptop and the other with my camera). Forty minutes later, with a head full of sweat and a heart beating faster than ever before… I FOUND IT! Where was it? Remember when I wiped my hands on my pants? Apparently I wiped my hands in my back pant pockets and it was in my left one! The ironic thing is earlier in the day Amelia said she takes test shots of her hand, so here’s my test shot that also doubles for the “ring shot.”

"SLS Hotel" "Beverly Hills" "ring shot" "wedding ring" "omega"

I almost lost my wedding ring!

Amelia and Justin did a fantastic job teaching all of the attendees. I got a lot of them saying how much they learned and how they are going to apply it to their business. I wish everyone the best of luck and if you’re a fellow LYON-SHOP 6 photographer… let’s stay connected!





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  1. Adam says:

    Oh…..I know it has only been a week….but the memories. So good to see the photos you got! Yes, the rooftop pool is amazing! Nice shot of Amelia laughing 🙂

  2. kylee wiese says:

    Nice pics of from the Lyon Shop! I was anxious to find your blog to check them out 🙂 Awesome work and hope you had a great time!!!

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