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I have been on a journey the past couple of years. a personal journey that has been influenced by people, places, ideas and any other thing that I’ve encountered, read or thought about. the human experience is very similar yet the path every individual goes through is vast and no two people will walk the same line.

in 2011 my wife was (and still is) trying to understand and listen to her mind and body. SuJin was not following a person or way of life, but rather establishing her own goals. through her self-realization items were omitted from her diet. with the addition by subtraction she gained clarity. this is who was wanted to be and most importantly, it felt right.

the food she chose to eat did not define her, but technically she incorporated a vegan diet. this was something new for the both of us. as a supportive spouse, I would partake in this diet whenever I was in her presence. it was not only easier to prepare and cook this way, but also to respect her. when I wasn’t with her I would eat as I had always done so in the past–with whatever was around me. now, this is in no way to say there is a right or wrong way to eat, but my personal experience.

after some time I gave thought into my own eating choices and made the decision to support my wife and her diet 100%. that meant adapting a vegan diet. it was actually an easy transition since I’d been eating this way about 75% of the time.

oh, the new venture part! since food is a big part of me and everyone else who eats (where do you wanna eat? what’s for lunch today? etc.), I’ve decided to incorporate food as a part of my business. food fuels the stomach and soul. it does this for everyone yet the reason behind it is as unique as it was for SuJin and me. the food You make is important and I understand that. I want to be a part of that creative journey and visually express the food that matters.

minimal ingredients. unique flavors. farm to table. vegan. organic. local. I’m in. now, who wants their story told?

vegan psl

vegan pumpkin spice latte





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